The Council for Global EqualityThe Council for Global Equality brings together international human rights activists, foreign policy experts, LGBT leaders, philanthropists and corporate officials to encourage a clearer and stronger American voice on human rights concerns impacting LGBT communities around the world.

The Council for Global Equality is a dedicated coalition effort.  Our institutional members include many of the most prominent organizations working to promote human rights and LGBT equality in the United States and overseas.  This unique collaboration joins the respective expertise and positioning of LGBT and non-LGBT organizations; domestically-focused and internationally-focused organizations; as well as advocacy groups, think tanks, multinational corporations, and research organizations.

Together, Council members seek to ensure that those who represent our country–including those in Congress, in the White House, in U.S. embassies and in U.S. corporations–use the diplomatic, political and economic leverage available to them to oppose human rights abuses that are too often directed at individuals because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.   The Council also seeks to increase support for foreign LGBT organizations as vital contributors to our country’s national interest through the development of free and vibrant civil societies abroad.

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