Visiting Evangelist Assures Uganda’s LGBTI “Not all American Christian Preachers are Anti-Gay”

A visiting American evangelist, Pastor Joseph Tolton, has criticised Uganda’s Anti Homosexuality Bill saying the conservative US evangelicals who backed the legislation “have lost the moral and cultural war.”

The controversial bill seeks the death penalty for homosexuals and is often referred to as the “Kill the Gays Bill.”

Tolton said that intolerance to sexual diversity had rendered the conservatives unable to cope with realities of life.

Tolton, who says he is “on a mission to Uganda to reassure Ugandan homosexuals of God’s love” told Behind the Mask in an exclusive interview in Kampala, that he would seek to address the influence US conservatives and their opposition to same sex relationships in Africa.

“It is spiritual colonialism,” said Tolton who is described by the US National Black Justice Coalition website as a man who “enjoys a three-faceted career serving the gay and lesbian community as a voice for spiritual freedom, social justice and economic empowerment.” Continue Reading

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