Kudos to Simpson Miller on gay rights

Portia Simpson Miller on gays in her cabinetRepost from The Jamaica Gleaner

This newspaper commends the leader of the People’s National Party (PNP), Portia Simpson Miller, for her mature stand on whether gays could serve in a government she leads and, more broadly, the rights of homosexuals.

Mrs Simpson Miller argued, rightly, that people’s sexual orientation is their business. She doesn’t want to be a voyeur. The pertinent consideration in appointing a Cabinet, therefore, is competence.

By contrast, Prime Minister Andrew Holness waffled, arguing that his “sentiment must be the sentiment of Jamaica”. That, essentially, is homophobic.

But the responsibility of leaders is to lead, not merely to reflect popular sentiment.

In that regard, we welcome the pledge of a PNP administration to review the buggery law and allow a conscience vote on the matter. We urge Mrs Simpson Miller to go further, making the repeal of a law that has no place in the 21st century a platform promise.

Related: Watch Portia Simpson Miller, during a Jamaican Election Debate, address whether or not she would have gay people in her cabinet.

1 Response to “Kudos to Simpson Miller on gay rights”

  1. 1 Grace Waite December 30, 2011 at 5:06 am

    Congratulations, Jamaica, on a drama free Election Day. I am proud to be a Jamaican citizen. I am pleased that voters chose the best person for the job. Mrs. Simpson-Miller is a wise and strong woman will hold us together as a nation. Mr. Holness, unfortunately, lacks a warrior’s wisdom and would end up dragging us further into a maelstrom of conflict and desolation as a nation. It is time for us as a nation to look beyond our immediate wants and pay attention to our collective needs. Leadership. Future. Prosperity. The only sad outcome of this election is that Lisa Hanna will be photographed again handing out free chicken back from the trunk of her Mercedes. I suggest that the first order of business for the new government should be eradicating people who use political office as a source of income, and not as a way to give back to the community.

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