LGBTI “Pride” in Uganda Means Fighting for Basic Rights and Freedom

Julius Kaggwa photo:Bronwynne Pereira

Repost from Council member Human Rights First. By Beth Tuckey

Click below to listen to an audio podcast of Ugandan activist Julius Kaggwa on the state of LGBTI equality in Unganda.

As we celebrate Pride Month in the United States, we should also celebrate those who continue to fight for basic rights and freedoms of LGBTI persons in other countries. Ugandan LGBTI activist Julius Kaggwa’s advocacy for equality is an important testament for those in Uganda who have been identified as fringe and whose rights as human beings and citizens are being challenged. Listen to this week’s podcast and learn about Julius’ work on the ground in Uganda and the current state of the controversial Anti-homosexuality bill.

Although the bill never came to a vote before Parliament closed in mid-May, it had the effect of further stigmatizing an already vulnerable population. Many link the murder of activist David Kato in January to the increasingly violent rhetoric surrounding homosexuality. Just months before his death, Kato’s name and photo appeared in a newspaper article about homosexuals in Uganda with the headline “Hang Them.” The fact that the legislation was tabled is only of little comfort to those working on LGBTI rights in Uganda.

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