Human Rights Defenders Combating Discrimination to Receive 2010 Honors

Viktória Mohácsi (photo: taken from official EU MEP) and Julius Kaggwa (photo:Bronwynne Pereira)

Press Release from Human Rights First
CONTACT: Brenda Bowser Soder
C: 301-906-4460, W: 202-370-3323

New York City – Human Rights First will present its 2010 Human Rights Award to a renowned Hungarian advocate for the rights of the Roma people in Europe and a Ugandan activist on the front lines of defeating a draconian anti-homosexuality bill there. The group will honor this year’s recipients, Julius Kaggwa and Viktória Mohácsi, at its annual award dinner in New York City on Thursday, Oct. 21.

“Julius and Viktória are courageous leaders in the fight against discrimination and hate crimes in their own societies,” said Human Rights First President and CEO Elisa Massimino. “Human Rights First is pleased to honor these activists who—at great personal risk—stand up for the rights of those targeted for discrimination and abuse, Julius in Africa and Viktória in Europe. LGBTI persons and the Roma face prejudices that often are masked as socially acceptable in both parts of the world. In reality, such prejudices are at the root of widespread discrimination, marginalization, and outright violence. Despite death threats and ongoing danger to their own well-being, these two human rights advocates persevere in the struggle for equal opportunity and equal treatment for all. We draw strength from their resolve and their example. We are privileged to work with them and to honor their courage and achievements with this award.” Read the complete story

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